Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mojoey bait - the good stuff

My friend feeds me interesting stuff via del.icio.us tags. He calls these morsels mojoey-bait. He's so damn funny, and right. I can rarely resist what he offers. Like this short link to a movie about Jim Jones and Jonestown. 

It gives me chills to see the man again. He was a real monster, evil incarnate. My encounter with him as a youth was brief. It left a lasting stain on my soul that nothing, not even time, has healed. 28 years later.... I still have unsettling dreams.


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Nandes said...

Gord Dammit!

Quicktime you cold mistress!

Johnny Crow said...


two sites I thought you'd really like... I found them through Stumble Upon (Firefox Plugin) Awesome tool, when your bored or want something new to read or find.

Lexcen said...

Disturbing that this happened, disturbing that it might happen again.