Friday, October 20, 2006

Jesus Would Be Ashamed Of You

This is interesting - a collection of misguided religious protest signs. The author has an interesting perspective. Right wing evangelical nutballs are wasting their lives.

 It's time to take back Christianity from such insanity. It's time to get back to being the loving children of God that we all have within us. Put down the pickets. Cancel the vigils. Put away the fiery rhetoric of hellfire and brimstone. Relax. Be a nice, caring person for a change. Calm down. God doesn't measure you against other people. He has love enough for everyone. You don't need to point angry fingers at people you think are unworthy hoping God notices!

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1 comment:

brad said...

My Dad taught me a very important saying when I first became a Christian. He said, "A Christian must not be easily offended". So I bet whatever this mall did, it didn't offend me. But then again I saw Jackass II.