Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Share the power man

Traveling makes me crazy. So crazy in fact, that I cannot remember which airport this latest piece of advertising crap-o-la was spotted. There is a strong chance it was Newark, or possibly Indianapolis. It does not matter, sponsoring power plugs pushing the feel good "share the power" mantra cross the line into the absurd. To begin with, I will hog this power outlet while sucking enough juice from it to recharge my laptop, cell phone, and iPod. I will tear the sign from the wall as I attempt to camouflage my find so that other travelers will not attempt to share. I might even mark an airport map with a small "X" to signify "power here", so the next time I am in town, I can plug in again. It is not as if Chase put the plug there for our use, it has always been there. How else would janitors plug in their buffer thingy?

Why is power so important? Because flying without a fully charged iPod means I must listen to some Betty talk about bunions instead of listening to Tabla Beat Science play Magnetic. Trust me on this, music is better than Betty, or Billy Joe Bob, or even that hot little College coed that never sits next to me anyway. Music takes you to a happy place, despite sitting like a pretzel in coach next to the fat man eating a garlic sandwich.

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rg said...

mmmm.... Shures.....


Great post btw.