Saturday, September 16, 2006

Logan Airport

I have not been in Boston's Logan Airport since before 9/11. The mood has changed. It's somber and serious. I felt alone. I explored the American terminal and eventually settled down to do women people watching. I found these chairs near the far end of the terminal. I liked the rocking chairs, mothers and the elderly occupied most, a few selfabosrbed teens the rest. The chairs offered a nice change to the standard airport shell and broke some of the tension.

I had an Islamic movement while looking for edible food. I wanted a fresh salad. I found only fried food and burgers. I stopped at a deli run by a Muslim woman. She had full menu but only vegetarian food available, I needed meat. We spoke briefly about small matters. I eventually left with an apple. 20 minutes later she walked up to me as I sat reading. She held a fresh chicken salad in her hand. "You are a kind man, and you looked Hungary" she said as she handed it to me. She smiled and walked away without asking for money.

How as I kind? I had smiled when I spoke to her. I was polite and inquired about her day. I told her that it was of no consequence that she did not have the food I desired. I thanked her for her service. In other words - I was a gentleman. She was a headscarf wearing Muslim who had taken six obnoxious travelers ahead of me, several had been openly hostile. To me she was just another immigrant American in need a little respect.

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Johnny Crow said...

Much respect to you. I understand how you feel. I can't understand why people are more gentlemanly and lady like. I am not saying everyone has to be all "1950s" style. But extending courtesy, and not expecting everything to go according to plan should be universal. I get complimented on things like that.. and I am always like "Ok, well thats just how I always am..." It took me a few years when I first moved here to understand that people are way to self-involved.