Monday, September 25, 2006

Islamism, Nazism, Communism, oh my

A new Danish Book by Karen Jespersen and Raif Pittelkow dares to challenge islam directly. The last time somebody did this, he died.
The book's main argument is that Europeans who ignore the threat posed by Islamists belong to a new and dangerous tribe of "naivists," a term coined by the authors. This may not sound so radical at a time when the pope has upset the Islamic world by quoting a medieval passage calling Islam "evil and inhuman" and when Islamic terrorist plots have put Europe on edge.
hmm, maybe the Pope should grow a set?

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PJB said...

It might bear mentioning that there is a difference between "Islam" and "Islamism". And it's pretty crucial.

Lexcen said...

With all the shit I post on my blog, my days are numbered, I just haven't come to the attention of the fanatical Muslims. I'm keeping a low blogger profile.

Mojoey said...

pjb - in the same sense that Christians are different from christionist. I see a clear difference myself.