Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Third party candidates - well sort of

In looking at the campaign websites of California Libertarian candidates for the November 06 election cycle, I am troubled by the wide range and quality of candidate information, it is like there are not standards, no plan, nothing beyond putting up a site. A website can be so sketchy as to offer a name and contact information only, which is essentially useless, to offering acute insight into the a candidates sexual proclivities.

For example:

Dan “Frodo” Litwin, a Lord of the Rings fan running for Congress– (Seriously, what is going on here.)

Frodo’s platform:

Destruction of the Ring: Power is what politics is all about. But Power Sucks, and absolute power sucks absolutely. So I will soon introduce a new site: PowerSucks.com, to address this issue fully.

Pulling the rug out from under terrorists: Terrorism is actually being helped by the two parties' politics. Terrorism is being enabled, enriched, and inspired. I have a plan that would disable, defund and deflate terror, saving lives and money right away. Go to PeaceIsPossible.com to see what I mean and to read more about my position on this issue.

Or - how about Herb Peters for Congress: Herb wants the economy to be “more better” – Of course, it could be he just doesn’t like them taxes. Oh yes – I would vote for this guy. His website possesses only the most amateurish content – he does not exist in the press or on the internet. He has no position on anything relevant. I am willing to bet he gets 23 votes tops.

Art Olivier does Herb Peters one better, the Olivier campaign is invisible. Art Oliver is running for Governor – it might be a lost cost. At least I know the name – he replaced the Druid Spitter who ran for Governor last cycle.

But the worst of the worst so far is Kelley Ross – Kelly has a few extreme views, none of which are germane to the current political cycle. I’m going to list what he’s in favor of below, there is no need to look at what he is against, by the time you get through list below, you will have a solid understanding for why this guy is unelectable.

Kelly Ross is for: Abortion, Pornography, Drug Legalization, Legalized Gambling, Legalized Prostitution, Gay Marriage, Nude Family Recreation, RuPaul, Jerry Spinger, Strippers, and Las Vegas. (How the hell can you be for Las Vegas?)

What does any of this have to do with the current California political climate? Nothing at all! This is why libertarian are ridiculed as nutballs. This is why everything they do is marginalized. This is why they only make the “oddball” section of newspapers, and oddly enough, this is why I like watching them. They are endlessly and hopelessly out of touch with reality. As my friend said today, many libertarians inhabit the fourth floor of a mental hospital and think it is the Ritz. They spend time arguing with each other, all the while thinking the people walking by on the street below are paying attention.

I am a libertarian – but not anything like these people. They need help, lots of help.

I will have something positive to say in my next libertarian post - I promise

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aaron said...

Where did you even find these candidates? I have been trying to find out if a Lib is running in my district in CA, and the only site I can find for the CA State Libertarian Party only lists their six statewide candidates. Are there really no Libertarians running in ANY of the 53(?) CA congressional districts? None running for state assembly or state senate (over 100 districts)? Or are they being kept secret to ensure as few votes as possible?

Mojoey said...

I have been tracking california libertarians for a few months now at my other blog Joe Libertarian.

We have many candidates - but omg, many crazy people too.

The LPC is a do over - libertarians would rather talk to each other than the real world.

Drop me an email if I can help.