Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Scary Gary, James Dobson, and public stoning

People have been asking me why I have a problem with James Dobson - these links should explain some of my concerns.

Dobson is building a political machine.
The Dobson campaign has all the trappings of a traditional political machine. FOF's state affiliates plan to name coordinators for each county who will supervise church coordinators in each evangelical congregation. FOF's church coordinators will prod pastors to speak about political issues, conduct voter-registration drives and disseminate "voter guides and get-out-the-vote efforts."

Federal law prohibits all nonprofits from endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. Dobson is using his non-profit FOTF to organize values based voters . Dobson seems intent on influencing the upcoming elections, yet appears to have no regard for the law.
FRC Action, the legislative action arm of Family Research Council, will host the first annual Washington Briefing: Values Voter Summit 2006 along with co-sponsors Focus on the Family Action, American Family Association Action and Americans United to Preserve Marriage. With a combined network of over five million supporters, four of America's most influential faith-and-family groups are gearing up for an event guaranteed to shape the debate for this year's midterm elections and beyond.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is focusing attention on Dobson's activities
"This cannot in my wildest fantasies be viewed as some kind of non-partisan voter education project," Lynn said of FOTF's proposed voter guides outlining candidates' positions on religious issues. "They're going to make the Democrat look like he belongs in the house of horrors wax museum and the Republican look like he ought to be a saint."
And in this bit of disturbing news, Dobson has apparently given his tacit endorsement of Christian reconstructionalist author Gary North, who advocates the public stoning of gays and nonbelievers, by promoting North's book at FOTF.
"I don't want to capture their (mainstream Americans') system. I want to replace it," fumed North to a cheering audience. North has called for the stoning of gays and nonbelievers (rocks are cheap and plentiful, he has observed). Both friends and foes label him "Scary Gary."

What is it about Dobson that bothers me? Why do I watch Dobson so closely? It should be obvious. He wants to remake America into some kind of Christian theocracy. I like America the way it is.

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vjack said...

It is surprising that anyone would have to ask what it is about Dobson that bothers you. He's a poster child for what is wrong with Christian extremism.

RG said...

As a libertarian, the current muzzle on non-profits should bother you intensely. Or are you kinda like the evangelicals who are all for democratic principles until it allows views contrary to their own to spread?

Just sayin'

Mojoey said...

I am on the fence regarding non-profits and exemptions at the moment. There are good arguments for and against it. In the end, I will most likely side with no restrictions.

I am however very much into law and order - so, obey the law Dobson, until the law changes.

so - did somebody like, step on your toes today? you know, cause I'm just sayin'

passthebread said...

If you can build a strong link between Dobson and Gary North and reconstructionism then you will have convinced me. Reconstructionism is a real enemy. If North became mainstream, this would be a real problem.