Saturday, August 12, 2006

A new word - Lysenkoism

I am reading the Republican War on Science currently. I came across a new word, Lysenkoism. When I find a word I don't know or understand, I underline it and look it up later. Lysenkoism means, the supression of, or refusal to acknowledge, science for ideological reasons. I filed this new word away for future use this afternoon. This evening I found a use for it.

via Atheist Revolution: Focus on the Family's blantant Lysenkoism
They oppose APA's position on "therapeutic" efforts to convert homosexuals. So called restorative therapies (i.e., psychotherapy designed to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals) have been the subject of several well-controlled scientific studies. The data show that they are not only ineffective, but harmful. These data form the basis of APA's position in opposition to such approaches. This is a clear example of religious extremists opposing science when it conflicts with their faith.
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