Sunday, August 13, 2006

ID attempts to remake its image

A new self published book by Glen Shrom, Getting Past the Culture Wars: Regarding Intelligent Design, takes ID one step farther away from claming GOD is the force behind creation, wink wink, if we say "some force" it might play better in Peoria.
Too much has been made of intelligent design theory in our culture wars, because the press, the lawyers, the politicians, and the people love to sensationalize. They want a story with a lot of conflict. So when they talk about intelligent design in the press, they feel like they have to tell you what the theory implies, and not just what the theory is. They think they have to spell out who or what the designer is, even if it is just to say an "unknown force", instead of simply letting it go at the evidence of design ... Let us be sober-minded, patient, curious, polite, flexible, and welcoming in our scientific endeavors. Let's work together with honesty and integrity.
After a resounding defeat in Kitzmiller, the ID movement is struggling to repackage its creationism message in science. Apparently, they think that stepping further away from god will help sell Intelligent Design. I have some advice - try science. Religious arguments, even when hidden in the language of science, will always lose to science. But of course, that is what Kitzmiller was all about.

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Anonymous said...

This is a note from the author ... thank you for paying attention to this book! You come at it that ID starts with God, and then moves away from God by going down to the "some force" level, and then with my book of course it would go even lower than that. Then you say to try science instead.

If you actually read the book, you will see that I start with it from the science level (even though the book does not address that in the beginning chapter but further on) and stay there, never getting to any parts about "some force" or "God" which are only some person's views of the implications of the science.

The premise of the book is that if we stay on the science level we will get past the culture wars and find much agreement. It is only when there is consideration of supernatural forces, intelligent creator beings, and God that there is disagreement and confusion.

There is nothing sensational or controversial about the science, so it doesn't make the news, but that is where ID should start and finish, as you must realize from the quote you included. Thank you.

- Glenn Shrom