Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hezbollah’s Psych-Ops

Clifford D. May writing form NRO published Hezbollah's Psych-Ops on August 4. He observed that Hezbollah has painted Israel into a corner with carefully planned responses to Israeli war efforts. By hiding amoung civilians, Hezbollah’s contributes to their death. By firing rockets from parking structures, Hezbollah invites the destruction of nearby buildings. By continuing to fire rockets into Israel, Hezbollah invites Israel to cut off its supply lines. Bridges and roads are destroyed. Lebanese children suffer. The press publicizes Israel’s “excessive response” while Hezbollah is painted as freedom fighters. Hezbollah cannot lose – yet they must.

Many people have asked me about the war. I have not made up my mind yet, but here is what I am thinking so far. Israel has been under continuous rocket attack for at least a year. Hezbollah, with the tacit approval of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, has been gradually raising the stakes. Israel is a sovereign nation with the right to protect her borders. Israel’s actions are just. The United States should stand by its ally, no matter what the cost. Peace is a better option, but with Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran hell bent on removing Israel from the map, is this really an option?

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Anonymous said...

Just to show what a liar you are: Hezbollah has not fired a single rocket on Israel before Israel started attacking. Get your facts straight, as lying undermines your credibility severely, and stop getting your 'news' from Olmert's press secretary, they usually lie their way to victory...

Anonymous said...

Irregardless of wheather the Israelis have the right to 'defend' their country by destroying their neighbours, or the Hezbollah wanting to push back the invaders by firing rockets into israel, the ultimate casualties would be the civilians and the infrastructures that took many years to come to place. Are human lifes really that worthless? I believe that fighting would never solve the roots the problems. If today the israelis win the war, tomorrow, there would be another hezbollah group standing up against them and vicer versa. There must be be solution to end this war, but not one that would start another war. Whatever the solution is, human's life must be spared from further bloodshed.

Mojoey said...

22 Mar 2003 - Hezbollah fired rockets and mortars at Israeli army positions in the Sheba' farms and adjacent areas. This attack followed eight incursions into Lebanese airspace by Israeli aircraft.

7 May 2003 - Hezbollah attacked IDF positions in the Sheba' farms with heavy rocket, mortar, and small arms fire. One Israeli soldier was killed and five others were wounded in the attack. Lebanese authorities asserted that the Hezbollah firing had been preceded by an Israeli army foot patrol crossing the Blue Line.

19 Jan 2004 - An anti-tank missile was fired at IDF D9 while neutralizing explosive charges near Zari't. An IDF soldier, Yan Rotzenski, was killed and another soldier was severely wounded

27 May 2006 - An IDF soldier was wounded when Katyushas were fired at an army base at Mt. Meron in the upper Galilee

- not to mention the rocket attacks from within Palestine.

Hezbollah and Israel have been trading blows for years. Do you really think things happened after the war started?

Lying is a serious charge - it seems unwarranted in this case.

Mojoey said...

I don't get the reference to Olmert - I was commenting on a story about Hezbollah winning a public relations advantage. did you read it? I thought it was quite good. It demonstrates Hezbollah understanding of the psychology of their enemies. It is brilliant really.

Mojoey said...

The nature of war is hard for some to stomach. If war is the issue, by all means, rail against it.

I will side with a legitimate nation state against a terrorist organization every time. History will sort out who is at fault. I have a feeling it will be unkind to the Islamic fundamentalists.

People are dying. Death and suffering should be visited on no one. I hope it ends soon. It can end through a decisive victory (unlikely), through negotiation (again unlikely) or through enforced peace with DMZs and UN Peacekeepers, or through any number of other options, including the Islamic ideal of Israel being wiped of the map.

Israel has a right to defend itself. As long as Hezbollah is lobbing rockets into Israel, we can expect war. Of course, the Lebanese can rise up and kick Hezbollah out of their country and end the whole thing tomorrow, but that is even more unlikely.

The world you describe does not exist. Perhaps you are watching too much Star Trek?