Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Floyd Landis - another theory

Floyd Landis has disgraced himself and disgraced America. it is fitting that Jay Leno Grilled Landis over his flunked drug test. Landis was only able to offer, maybe it was something I ate. We either believe him, or like Barry rub-some-juice-on-my-back Bonds, we point and yell boo. I'm yelling boo.

The booing holds until we find out that Landis is a gun nut. Because recent studies have shown that handling a gun causes increased testosterone levels. Maybe Landis did a little target shooting after taking cortisone shots, drinking beer with whiskey chasers, taking his thyroid medications, dranking too little water, and suffering the pain of an overacting metabolism. No, Landis should have did a Bonds - Testostowhat? I thought I was getting a back rub.

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