Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trouble talking to god?

Well now you too can buy the Prayer Antenna. For three simple payments of 75.99, the Prayer Antenna will be shipped directly to your doublewide.. With this unique prayer amplifier, god is sure to hear every word of your prayers. Hurry, order now, supplies are limited.

If you order today and say you heard here on Deep Thoughts, we will include special prayer recording software at no extra cost. A $100 value if you order within the next 12 hours. Simply record a prayer, then schedule it to be delivered at various times throughout the day. Hit rate tracking is available for a small additional charge.

OK - for those of you with no sense of humor - it is supposed to be art. Bad art, but art nonetheless, so like piss Christ, it must be ok. The prayer software is real – unbelievable, but real.

Hat Tip Presurfer
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beepbeepitsme said...

'No health benefit' from prayer