Monday, July 31, 2006

Top 4 Common Misconceptions About The Big Bang

An explanation of what the Big Bang is, and isn't, for the rest of us. Jon Voisey at Angry Astronomer has put a great deal of effort into explaining what the Big Bang theory really is while debunking some common misconceptions.

The 4th misconception is my favorite: The Big Bang doesn’t leave room for God

This isn’t a scientific argument, but rather a philosophical one which is completely beside the point. However, since I see it used frequently, I’ll go ahead and address it.

The Big Bang, like all science, doesn’t have any implications either for or against God. What it may do, it place constraints on how God did things and these may run contrary to scripture. However, there’s two important questions here:

First off, is the scripture right in the first place? And, second, assuming it is, are you interpreting it correctly?

Voisey closes with:
I hope that clears up a few of the misconceptions people have been having, and I’m pretty sure that most people reading this blog were already familiar with all that, but perhaps this has given you a bit more detailed information that you can use next time someone throws out their strawman Big Bang

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Jon Voisey said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't really put as much effort into things as it may seem though. Most of this was repeating of things I've been hammering into the heads of mind addled adolescents on message boards and internet forums for a few years now. Thus, most of the thinking was things I'd done long ago. The only thing I had to do was transcribe it from my mind.

Anonymous said...