Sunday, July 02, 2006

Talk To Action | Generation Joshua

Talk to Action has an interesting post on Christian Religious Supremacy and the youth group Generation Joshua.
Unlike other efforts which seem to be more about general cultural or religious indoctrination, this effort is explicitly political. Given our constitutional commitment to religious freedom and political pluralism, one would think such direct agitations for Christian nationalism would be more cleverly hidden...
I also found a link to Walter Shurden's Flaming Torch Speech via Dr. Bruce Prescott at Mainstream Baptist. Shurden recognizes the threat that Generation Joshua poses to our religious and democratic liberties. Mixing Church and State, the primary aim of Generation Joshua and the Religious Right, is counter to core Christian values, and counter to American values.

Let me be clear at the outset. I am not suggesting that we are on the lip of any kind of political totalitarianism in this country. I don't believe that.

I am suggesting, however, that there are "American Christians" for whom the adjective is more important than the noun.

I am suggesting that some Christian churches in our country have been transformed into political temples and some pastors have embraced the moniker of "patriot pastors."

I am suggesting that devoted theocrats have an eye on the machinery of national and state governments, and that they make no apology for it.

And I am suggesting that a skewed reading of our nation's history is sending forth armies of buck privates scurrying to wreck Jefferson's wall. ...

Generation Joshua is dangerious - This organization much be watched.

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