Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Roller Rapper was spotted in Hollywood today

This is wrong on so many levels. First, what the hell is the Roller Rapper? To my horror, I found that Robby Love a.k.a. the Roller Rapper, is on tour across American. I happened to run into his film shoot on Hollywood blvd this afternoon. He was skating near my truck, or more accurately, moving his feet and wiggling his ass within a few feet of my widow. Like I said, wrong on so many levels. My second thought was “gay”.

I was stuck in traffic and forced to endure his show. The “film crew” tried to wave me off when they saw my Nikon, but I persisted. It took five minutes to clear this rolling mess, yet I could not put it behind me. Something nagged at my mind the rest of the day. Who is this guy? Accourding to his website, Robby Love says he combines his love of roller-skating with '70s-style funk to create pop music that celebrates fun without sex, drugs and violence.

I checked his website, he likes the ladies, or so his says, wink wink. If you don't believe me, watch his video (warning, it will burn your eyes). Think bad rapping, roller disco, 3rd grade lyrics, and an even worse video. Bobby Love is no singer, or a rapper, or even American as far as I can tell. He can skate, but so what. He is just creepy strange - the kind of person I keep away from my kids.

A few choice quotes from iFilm:

The Roller Rapper- In another bold move destined to set white culture back two decades, Robbie "Roller Rapper" Love is out on a mission to make music child friendly by removing everything cool and substituting it with an overbearing sense of terribleness. Watch him spin around and sing poorly over generic beats while looking like a bad joke of a human being. I guess that's something. Strangely, for a guy wanting to remove sex from music, his music video has a lot of scantly clad women, not to mention a fair share of baffled black people."

I watched this video. I'd rather watch the late Chris Farely take a dump after eatting burritos all day. This guy is an idiot. No sex in his videos? Check out the girls in his music video. Scantily dressed, and almost as idiotic as Roller Rapper is. Here's a tip for you, Roller Rapper. Move your dumb 42 year old ass out of your parents' basement, get a REAL job, and quit embarrassing yourself. Please.

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Andrea said...

Oh my gosh. I cannot agree more. My cousin saw him in Alberquerque and said he was the creepiest guy she's seen. She was in a cafe and he just happened to go there and she had to leave or spontaneoulsy combust from laughter.

I feel bad for the guy, for all this bad publicity.

Susan Haskins said...

Their is nothing wrong about raising funds for sick children.

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