Monday, July 10, 2006

Gate 69A

I am in China this week. This is my "happy to be in another friggen airport" picture. The flight to China is 15 hours. I got up at 6:00 am to make a 10:30 from LA to SF, then a 2:30 to China. I got to my hotel in Shanghai at about 10:00 PM. with no sleep on the plane, it made for a long day.

The PRC blocks direct access to my blog, so I have to cheat to post when I am here. I have to ask, why would and atheist country block an atheist blog? It must be my sense of humor and affinity for free market economics.

btw - when I get around to tagging this it will be tagged as "how to make a picture without getting arrested". Apparently, the authorities don't like it when a big fellow like me stares into his camera for 5 minutes while making a picture. They actually asked me to show them what I was shooting. When I said I was shooting the 60s era lighting fixtures they asked me to show them my camera. I pulled out the mini disk and said “digital”, thinking that they were trying to cop my images (why – I really don’t know). They wanted to see my shots. I slowly scrolled through 10 shots of the same thing - It made for an interesting five minutes. One of the security types asked – why do you shoot this crap? It’s a compulsion buddy – a compulsion.

Why do I attract attention?

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LBBP said...

Cool picture!

RG said...

Why do I attract attention?


Mojoey said...

a laughed to hard I snorted hot coffee through my nose.