Thursday, July 06, 2006

Anne Frank diary burned by skinheads

Via LGF, German Neo-Nazis crash a gala to burn Anne Frank diary. I am speachless.
The neo-Nazis descended on a field in the village of Pretzien, Saxony, where local people were re-enacting a pagan rite celebrating midsummer
They also burned an American flag. I am not sure I understand why, maybe they did not hear about the Congressional debate of a few weeks ago. Burning the flag apparently offends conservative Republicans.

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weltkind said...

Hi, Blogger,

Technorati led me to your place.
Now this Pretzien bullshit has reached the United States. I feel ashamed. But there are many people in Germany who detest the Nazis, especially in the blogger scene. Have a look at my blog Guess you don´t know German, but tomorrow I will try a short Version in my poor English.

By the way: the mayor of the small village was a communist and former member of the NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) of good old GDR, but at the same time, he was a member in the Neo-Nazi Culture Club. Together with the local minister of the Protestant Church they had nice littel galas in the church house (!) with beer, folklore dancing and singing funny songs. That´s typical for the former German communist states - they´ve completely run nuts.

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Anonymous said...

In germany flag burning is illegal (no matter whether it is german or a foreign flag)
The US is pretty unpopular because:
- it massively supports Israel
- it support musharraf agressions against india (right wing germans think of themselves as indogerman)

weltkind said...

to anonymous:

In Germany, the US is some kind of unpopular because of Mr. Bush and Iraque, not because of its supporting Israel (that´s what the far-left (communists) and the German muslims say). And most of the non-muslim Germans even don´t know who Musharraf is....Only a small part of the very right wing Germans (German neo-Nazis are more interested in drinking beer than in Nazi-esoteric stuff) know about Indogermans. They are pretty pragmatic: It doesn´t matter if you are Dutch, "Indogerman", African or Jew - if you are not a Neanderthal man, you´ll get your punch with the club.

Anonymous said...

Of course the US is unpopular because of Israel. It seems you never leave your home. Why dont you travel trought the world from Pakistan to Indochina, to Australia or South America, they will all they you the same. They love Americans but they hate their goverment acts. Why? Israel could be one of the answers. Im in south america and i cant tell you what people think of the US and Israel just by going into the streets. Human kind doesnt tend to justify killing and wars no matter from where it comes. As a US General once said on a letter wrote to media, "we must asks ourselfs where does this hate come from, we dont see terrorists in swiss, finland or any other countries. Where does terrorism come from, wha generates it? Killing. Terrorism just generates more terrorism. Thats a fact. If you decide to kill someones family don expect them to welcome you.

People that say it doesnt have to do anything with Israel just should see why the US never had this problems 60 years ago, before the Israely state. The agreements they made with them are completely unfair and unbiases in respecto to other countries. Israel doesnt not only almost owns US congress but they finance most of Us campaigns and have a strong presence in the US Media, so there isnt anything that was not said or that cannot be researched with google. True cannot be hidden when facts tell a story.

Anonymous said...

As Germany flag burning is ilegal, you should ask what is actually legal in Germany. Washing your car on the street is ilegal. Smoking it almost ilegal. Owning certain books is ilegal. Saying certain things in public is ilegal. Putting your foot on some parts is ilegal. Yes, im not joking, here i can proof almost all this facts. Germany doesnt even allow germans to think or speak about history. They have to feel the shame and guilt otherwise they are commiting a crime. Its even implemented in shools. I hope the US never becomes that Germany and most Europe is now. At least in the US people are still free in allot of senses.