Friday, June 09, 2006

The problem with graffiti

is that it always looks better on someone else’s wall. This jewel is at the end of a street near my home. Or was anyway, graffiti removal obliterated it this afternoon.

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pam ashlund said...

That is (was) an incredibly beautiful piece. Even nicer for two reasons: 1) because you can see it was painted over a square of graffiti removal paint; and 2) because the use of red over the black evokes a defaced piece of art (looks like someone tagged the tagger). I have a new fascination for "the subconscious art" of graffiti removal posed by video artist Mike McCormick and have been writing about it lately in my blog:

p.s. I just moved to Lincoln Heights and am also struggling with the tension between art and vandalism in my neighborhood.