Friday, June 16, 2006

Nutball alert: Paul Ireland

I’ve been a libertarian for years and years. At times, I’ve even been a big “L” registered and dues paying libertarian. Most other time I'm just a normal free market and civil liberties libertarian. I’ve got to admit, I’ve never met a more entertaining collection of socially inept fringe nutballs. They never cease to entertain. I’m highlighting Paul Ireland today because he is the worst of the worst when it comes to libertarian idocy. People flee the party, good people mind you, because of out-of-control personalities like Ireland. He will be the first to tell you that you are not a libertarian because you do not “do this” or “support that”. There is no room in his tent for anybody who he disagrees with. If you are the unfortunate victim of one of his base and uncivil attacks, well, your only real option is to become a Republican. Quite simply, Paul Ireland is a braggart, a bore, and a disgrace to a an already marginalized political party.

Ireland ran for United States Representative; District 35 in the June 6th Primary. He did well.

Ireland (Libertarian) - 63
Mego (American Independent) - 218
McGill (Democratic) – 5,207
Waters (Democratic) – 32,338

63 votes – hard earned votes! That is like one tenth of a percent. Wohoo!

Ireland’s campaign website is interesting. I particularly like his “pictures with constituents” section. Hmm, don’t you have to be elected to have constituents?

My favorite Ireland quotes:

You have been over it 15 times, and each and every time, I've proven you wrong. When will you get it through your head?

"you're a sleazy, slimey, worthless, scumbag who is worth less than a ton of dead rats in a tampon factory"

"Nothing inside the body of a person has any rights. Not even if it were a fully sentient being capable of communication begging to be allowed to live. [...] Until the moment the fetus is removed from the womb, it is has no more human rights than a brick."

The is a movement to kick Ireland out of the Libertarian party. I fully support it.

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Brian Holtz said...

Those pictures are indeed hilarious. Runner-up is his comment the he opposes "violating the rights, persons, or property of others."

Extenze said...
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