Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nutball Altert: Kevin Barrett

A few days ago a coworker asked my opinion of the documentary Loose Change, a movie that asserts all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the events of 9/11. Up until last week, it never occurred to me that rational people could believe that the United States Government orchestrated the horrible events of 9/11. I watched the hour long documentary on my computer. It was a waste of my time. The movie was made by people who want to believe that George Bush is an evil genus bent on world domination. Any possible theory related to the most esoteric details of the terrorist attacks is exploited and mislabled as facts pointing to Government orchestration of the attacks. Frankly – the whole documentary is a bunch of hogwash. I am not going to waste my time trying to refute the obvious logical and factual blunders in the film. There are numerous websites already dedicated to this undemanding topic.

Loose Change led me to Kevin Barrett. Dr. Barrett is another matter altogether. He is the type of nutball who is hell bent on exposing the "truth" of 9/11. His positions are baseless. His point of view twisted. His motives are insane. Barrett is acting as an apologist for Islamic terrorism. Given the gravity of the events surrounding 9/11, Kevin Barrett’s position and actions mark him as a terrorist collaborator. There is nothing noble in his work. He is exposing no truth. He is instead propagating misinformation while attempting to weaken our resolve against an insidious and unseen enemy, the very definition of collaborator. What a nutball.

Just for the record – I understand this post is an ad hominem attack on Kevin Barrett. Read his articles for yourself. His writings are the very definition of leftwing nutball conspiracy theory craziness. He calls himself a journalist and claims a Ph.D. I wonder what he really is?

I normally focus my energy on religion. Yet Barrett’s position reminds me of the blind faith of a Christian or a Muslim. He holds a position based on the faith of his convictions. He knows “we” did it. Logic and reason are subverted to his cause. He is a man of faith. It is faith in the illogical, but it is faith nonetheless. No truth will penetrate his illness.

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