Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How to make America look stupid

Apparently, it is easy. All one needs is a religious theocracy running your community. In time they will pass local ordnances geared around supporting “Christian values”. Before you know it, unmarried couples with children will not be able to live in their own houses unless they are married. Think it isn’t so? Well then, read this British newspaper article about a town in Black Jack Missouri.

The culture wars are real. We are losing.

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rg said...

"We are losing."

How so? You may in fact by losing the culture wars, but I don't think this demonstrates it. This ordinance appears to date from at least 1985, so it's not a new action. If anything I would look at this as yet another archaic/reactionary law being vigorously challenged.

Mojoey said...

I am not trying to point to this issue as the issue that proves we are losing the culture war. However it is another example of fundies exploiting the law to subject people like us to their moral code. It looks like another blue law type ordiance that has been on the books for a long time and then exploited by the current Christian powers that be. I think it fits the mold for Christian moral activism quite well.

If I were to keep score, this one would go in the Christian column. Maybe it is a good idea to keep score. What do you think? Fundies 1 - Atheists 0.

rg said...

I think I get your point. I would put this in the Fundie column if this was a new ordinance, I would view that as an advance against freedom. As it is I see it as up in the air. If they lose and the law stands and they can't live in their house that would be 1 for th Fundies, if they win and the law is struck down, mark it up as one for the Unwashed Heathen. Or libertarians, or whoever. There are just a lot of reasons to be pissed off that this still exists.

Still looking forward to your Heart of the Beholder post.

Magiaeon said...

Just one point - the world is not all black and white and the war isn't just between Fundies and Atheists. There are probably more religious categories under the sun than you can count, and therefore it is illogical to assume that if you're not an Atheist, then you must be a Fundie. As far as religion goes, I happen to be a Pagan (which is a far cry from being a Fundie), while politically, I'm a Libertarian. So I'd say it's more like Fundies 1, critical thinkers and compassionate human beings 0.

Anonymous said...

no its fundies 1 america 0
because it is americas core being that has just been trampled