Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cuba, Iran & Islam

I came across this article Miami Herald. It seems that the Iranian mission to Cuba is doing it’s best to convert the good Atheists (actually closet Catholics) to Islam. I smell the hand Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his desire for worldwide jihad. Iran is the driving force, according to articles author Rui Ferreire;
The mission created a writing contest about Iranian history, hopes to set up a ''reflection group'' on Islamic subjects and earlier this month hosted a reception to mark the anniversary of the birth of the prophet Mohammed.
Cuba’s Communist Party Department of Religious Activities has appointed an official to work as liaison with the new Muslim converts. It is not surprising, Castro has been a staunch supported of Islamic strongmen like Yasser Arafat and fundamentalist groups like Hamas. Now Castro can pay the price for cutting deals with the devil (so to speak) as his populace shifts toward religious extremism. It is only 300 converts so far, but fundamentalist Islam is like a virus. It will spread.

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Anonymous said...

why dont you read a little bit about islam?