Thursday, February 09, 2006

A tale of gay penguins

It seems that Germany has a pair of Gay penguins. Nothing Zoo Boss Heike Zueck can come up with will resolve the situation. Gay activist group have rallied to protest Zueck’s effort to turn the pair hetro. The eyes of the world are watching… It’s all so absurd. Penguins cannot be gay or straight, they are just animals. It is easy to attribute human forms or qualities to pets and animals; there is a word for this – Anthropomorphism. My dog Thor will dog hump anything that walks or craws, even stuffed animals if the mood takes him. Is Thor gay? Nope, he is just a dog exhibiting normal sexual behavior.

From what I understand, after watching a few thousand-nature documentaries, this type of behavior is as natural in the wild as it is in human society. The problem is – no matter whom these penguins have selected as their mate – they still need to breed for their race to survive in captivity. It should be ok to breed them without activist groups getting upset - it is not about being gay.

Do I have a point? yep - penquins are not people. Quit trying to treat them like anything other than animals - Ah... gay animals I mean.

On the lighter side – my wife tipped me off to this story via an email but did not provide the url with her message. I agonized over typing “Gay Penguin” in Google while at work out of fear that corporate security would catch my query and demand an explanation. I visualized my response – it was not a pretty picture.

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passthebread said...

Very funny indeed. Hampster fathers eat their young...Hmm. that should justify some of my less meek moments. Hooray for the canibalistic hampsters.