Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Buchenwald Gallows

I sit tonight in the silence of my home drinking Courvoisier while scanning pictures of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. I cannot stop thinking about what it must have been like to see this horror first hand. The scars it would have left on my grandfather’s soul would have been indelible. This picture disturbs me more than most. It is a gallows with hooks for 6 people. The Nazis killed 6 people at time. It is hard to imagine.

I am making and educated guess at the location of this photo, The Buchenwald Gallows. If anyone out there has better information, please pass it on.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Found your site from Brad's blog.

Nice pics...

I live in B.P. also, (Knott & Crescent).

I'll be bookmarking your site.

BTW, it seemed your grandfather followed the same route as a friend of mine's grandfather took in WW2. He too never spoke of it, not in detail anyway.

Peace out.