Friday, January 27, 2006

Ford is having problems - I think I know why

Ford might just think we’re all stupid.

I found this in my rented Lincoln Zephyr while on a business trip to Phoenix this week. My traveling companion, John, was unconvinced by my impassioned plea that he climb into the trunk to see if the emergency trunk release thingy worked. It turns out that John’s a pretty smart guy.

So let’s just pretend I’m in the Irish Mob and I want to kidnap a rival gang member, throw him in the trunk of my Zephyr, and then drive the poor bastard out to the desert so I can feed him to a cactus. Being a smart Irish mobster, I would DISABLE the emergency trunk release. I mean, wouldn’t you?

A message for the Ford engineer who designed this thingy – stupid people might think the graphic means run away from open trunks.

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