Sunday, December 11, 2005

Transit Street Photography

A photobog I read, or I should say look at, called Binary Los Angeles, has posted an interesting question: “Why isn't there more transit street photography in Los Angeles? New York has some of the greatest photography of this sort, which is perfectly understandable, but in LA there appears to be an almost complete absence.”

I think the answer is obvious, Los Angelinos drive cars instead of ride trains. We have a few trains, but it must be a 10,000 to 1 ratio of car drivers to train riders.

My contribution to transit street photography is pictures taken while waiting in traffic, normally taken through my windshield on the 91 freeway. For the most part, they really suck.

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1 comment:

woyteg said...

Well. I do have few MTA photographs. Please feel free to check them out at my

And also I do use MTA on everyday basis because as a photojournalist I truly believe I can see more on the bus and on the street than from my car.