Monday, December 05, 2005

Anne Rice loses her voice

Whenever a famous atheist artist converts to Christianity or any other religion, I always shutter. I know that what is to follow, be it a book, movie, or music; will always be tainted by their new faith. Take Ann Rice for instance, she converted (or reverted) back to Catholicism and has turned her back of the craft that made her famous, righting about death, sex, and vampires. Now she writes tripe. The Guardian nails it in their review God Almighty.

"In Christ the Lord, Anne Rice has conscientiously taken all the drama, elegance and urgency of the Gospels and the Apocrypha, and flattened them into a tedious and mediocre potboiler."

I don’t normally read Anne Rice, my tastes run towards Tom Clancy when I read trash novels. But my guess is that Anne Rice will find a new audience, an audiance that loves her work, while her old fans will continue to read her vampire writings.

I wonder why she joined the other team - I'll have to keep an eye on her, I would hate to think of her heading towards nutball status.

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beautifulatrocities said...

No, we wouldn't want Anne to head to nutball status, would we?? OY

Her only good book was Interview

Johnny Crow said...

I never really liked interview to be honest, it was too, how do you say it. Prissy... I dunno I just didnt like it as much. I like Lestat, and Queen of the Damned, both good books, and I read pandoras box because I was bored in class one day. All three decent books, but her use of language wasnt my favorite.

As for her turning to Christianity, well I think this day in age we all go through times in our life when we search for answers, and religion has done that for yours. I think we all to often get tired of hearing how shitty the human race can be, and just want to believe in something good and reach out for something. I have done it myself. I have always been an athiest/agnostic but I have always searched for answers. It's hard to grow up in a society that sees you as a worthless piece of garbage.

I used to think I would never convert myself, for anyone or anything. The majority of that is true, but I have to be honest. I love my woman so much I would do anything for her, including that. Whether I believed it is a whole nother story. It is hard to admit that, but sometimes we do things for the people we love that we otherwise might never have.

It is sad to see those who do "find" thier new faith, becoming evangelical about it, but then again when artist create they creat from thier life and experiences, drawing inspiration from it. I suppose it is only inevitable.