Sunday, November 20, 2005

Puros Indios cigars

My friend Mac gave me and Puros Indios cigar last week. It was in perfect condition and ready to smoke, so I went to the park and smoked my lunch. I had never smoked an Indios before. I tend to stick to a small circle of cigar brands that I like and do not venture out of my range too often. This cigar surprised me. It started off a little hot and bitter, then quickly calmed down to a gentile but aromatic smoke. The Indios burned slowly, a non-smoking friend told me it was pungent (I think he meant it was strong smelling). My lunch hour was nearly consumed by the time I had finished. It was a good smoke. Something I would like to smoke again.

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Johnny Crow said...

I never have been much of a smoker, but I always loved the smell of Cigar, and Pipe tabacco.

I just never knew anyone who knew enough to show me around.

Mojoey said...

Johnny - try a Partigas #10. Buy it from a good cigar shop. Tell them you want to smoke it today and have them cut if for you. Give youself an hour to sit back and enjoy it.