Monday, November 21, 2005

Phony Theory, False Conflict

Charles Krauthammer's Op-Ed column Phony Theory, False Conflict get right to the point by asking the question "How ridiculous to make evolution the enemy of God'. Krauthammer argues that science, in trying to understand the workings of the univese, is attempting to understand the mind of God (at least from Einstein's perspective).

I find that Krauthammer’s column rings true. Religion and science attempt to accomplish the same thing, explain the world around us. It is when Religion tries to supplant Science that problems start. I pity students of Kansas who will forever be pigeonholed as dumbed down religious dupes, incapable of understanding the true value of science. Not to mention the national shame Kansas has brought to America because of their bastardization of term science and their inclusion of religious teachings in a secular school system. The world watches and laughs.

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Johnny Crow said...

That is the way I have always seen it, I always wondered why the religious never used science as part of thier proof, "look, at how complex this stuff is only a god could do that" sort of thing. It bugs me that they have to make up bullshit just to try and get people to believe them, when honestly people would believe them even if they supported science.

Anonymous said...

This Spaniard in Australia,yes, she does watch and laugh....I dare this religious bullies to come here and even attempt to impose their believings,(there is no doubt they will), but the young people in this country would not allow such a thing to happen! I can't help but think that America is going backwards with every single mindblowingly stupid step they take. As we watch and read the news here everyday our past admiration for your way of life has long gone, and every single thought placed on this once admirable country is frightening and funny. We keep on laughing...I can only hope I am wrong on mi thoughts.