Sunday, November 27, 2005

One from my son

It is my habit to hand my son a camera and tell him to go shoot as many pictures as he likes. Of the 125 photographs that he snapped in an hour on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, I like this one the best. He seems to be developing his own style and shot many pictures that I would not have even have considered. I was raised with a film camera and always tried to get value for my effort on a limited budget. Shooting 125 pictures without restraint would be difficult for me to do. On the other hand – I have about 10 pictures of the same rock from as many different angles.

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1 comment:

Essor Nougier said...

The flag is too centered. Of course, it's a child's photo, and it's wonderful, but you should teach him the two thirds rule in photography.

It should be easy for him to learn, and a fun challenge.