Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hatem Bazian to speak in San Deigo

Hatem Bazian, and anti-American Islamic extremist who has publicly called for the Intifada to come to America is to speak at the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committe in San Deigo. Bazian should be at his vitriolic hateful best when he takes the podium to tell everyone what a horrible country we live in. Bazian is a public employee who teaches at U.C. Berkeley – the fact that he is still on the State dole after all he has done really bothers me.
(located in special events) *ADC ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, 10950 N. Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, 619-840-1945. On Saturday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m., the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee invites the public to hear speakers Phyllis Bennis and Hatem Bazian. There will be food, drinks and Arabic music.
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yaman said...

Actually, friend, your characterization of Dr. Hatem Bazian as an "anti-American" and an "Islamic extremist" is terribly inaccurate.

If you are really so concerned about deep thoughts, and you understand the Emerson quotation that is on your profile, then you would know that Bazian's speech was taken wildldy out of context.

Not to mention that the Arabic word "intifada" has been hijacked by the media. It means "shaking off" and in Arabic does not imply any violence. This has been attached to it by the unfortunate and misguided violent uprising in Palestine/Israel.

It is similar to the hijacking of the word "jihad." In Arabic, jihad simply means struggle. The Arabic word "ijtihad" (same root), for example, means vaguely to push an opinion forward. In any case, as the word applies to Islam, that violent jihad that you are surely aware of is called "jihad al-sgheer" or "the small jihad." You may be wondering what "jihad al-akbar" (the bigger jihad) is then: it is the purification of the heart. It is forbidden for a Muslim to seek the smaller jihad when he has not yet completed the bigger jihad. Furthermore, a "jihad" can only be declared by the leader of the Muslim nation. Clearly, there is no Muslim nation. What Osama bin Laden and his cohorts are running is nothing more than an elaborate mafia scheme.

Also, I really enjoy the photographs on your other posts. I only hope that you see past the simple characterizations in those inflammatory articles (by remarks which are highly inflammatory when taken out of context).


Mojoey said...

I have heard it in context myself. The context is clear. Bazian called for violence to come to the streets of America. Your arguments for Bazian are without merit. You use etymological fallacies to support a position that paints Bazian as a saint.

Intifada have a 15th century meaning that suggests “shaking off”, however, it has a modern meaning too “violent revolt”. Bazian called for a violent revolt to come to the streets of America. His meaning was all too clear.

Your use of Jihad is also and etymological fallacy. Jihad may struggle according to it’s original reference in the Koran, but once it migrates to the popular vernacular of the English language, its meaning will change, and it has. Jihad means something like “War without ethics”.

Bazian is well educated. He choose his words for their impact and targeted them to the audience he was addressing – Palestinians and Palestinians sympathizers at a rally in San Francisco. His call to violence was documented by audio files and eye witnesses. You may paint him as a man of piece – I think he is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mojo, Hey STUPID!!!

Quit your whining about Dr. Bazian being dangerous, you big sissy. Oooo Dr. Bazian, I'm shaking in my boots! Give me a break man! Your ugly looks probably scare more people then words spoken by anyone ever could, and it's probably the reason why, I'm assuming, that you have no friends, judging by how much time you must spend in front of a computer screen in order to post all the embarrasing rigmarole you produce. But then again, it's probably because your just so plainly unattractive that you are an atheist. You must feel you have nothing to be thankful for every time you look in the mirror. Spare people your talk about epistimology, throwing this word around as if you know anything about the nature of knowledge.

In short Mojo, Shut your trap, STUPID!!!

Mojoey said...

what? you post some stupid 12-year-old crap on a post from two years ago and call me stupid?

I don't think so.