Thursday, November 17, 2005

David Koresh, Timothy McVeigh and Marie Kolasinski

I’ve found another Nutball lurking in Orange County. Marie Kolasinski, the founder of Piecemakers a Christian end-times cult in Costa Mesa, California. A few weeks ago, in a very public confrontation with Costa Mesa Heath Inspectors , Kolasinski was arrested for failing to comply with a inspection warrant which was issued to assure safe access to Kolasinski's commercial kitchen operation. According the OC Register, seven members of the cult were arrested of various charges.
Kathleen Louise Needham, obstruction of justice
Douglas Dorsey Follette, assault
Kolasinski, assault on a heath inspector
Deborah Lindsey Scherfee, obstruction of justice
Kerry Lyn Parker, assault
Judy Marie Hageer, battery
John Fredrick Ready, obstruction

To belong to Piecemakers, one must surrender all possessions to the organization, submit to the authority of Marie Kolaniski, live in the commune, work at the craft shop, forego sex, and subscribe to their ridiculous beliefs. According to the OC Weekly, the Piecemakers have some questionable beliefs:

  • To become a cop, lawyer or judge, a person would first have to spend "three months or more" in jail "to understand how awesome is his job."
  • No more taxpayer-funded inaugural parties for incoming presidents.
  • The U.S. must apologize to the world for its "arrogance."
  • No more pampering of the handicapped with choice parking spaces -- "walking is one form of therapy."
  • No more welfare programs.
  • Open national borders because "it isn't the Mexicans or the Asians screwing up the country but the offspring of the Caucasians who founded this country -- white-skinned, empty-headed with an evil heart."
  • Only one religion allowed -- "all others would have to leave the country."
  • A ban on aid to Israel.
  • No more "foolish" government AIDS research.

I rarely find any organization so completely screwed up and just plain scary. These people are nuts – no, nuts who sell quilts and plot the overthrow of our government. I hereby add them to my Nutballs hall of fame. I also intend to watch them closely.

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Johnny Crow said...

Where do people come up with this shit?

Anonymous said...

It is easy to criticize. I have visited the Piecemakers store. They do NOT have a commercial kitchen. The only hot food they serve is soup. The County Health Inspectors want them to get a restaurant license to serve hot soup. What??? To get a restaurant license they would need to tear out their quaint granny kitchen and install a new one using stainless steel -- including a hugh stainless steel draim in the middle of the floor. ALl this at a cost of more than $50,000!!!

Their place is exceedingly clean probably far cleaner than the Nazi Inspectors who raided their place.

Tell me, isn't the government the servant of the people? The first three words of our U.S. Constitution are "WE THE PEOPLE". What has happened to our country when the government has run rough shod over the rights of the people.

I should think that the County Health Department would have worked WITH them and not AGAINST them.

By the way, Taco Bell has all the requisite government licenses and permits don't they?? Their food still makes people ill.

Whatever happened to America, the land of the FREE and the home of the brave???

Brittany Clapp said...

so, ah.. what do you mean.. free.. home of the brave.. wow.. where did you come up with that..?? since when was everything free?

FYI.. a commercial kitchen... if you are a church.. your kitchen can be certified as a commercial kitchen...
so therefore.. why would anyone obstruct an officer.. if all he/she wanted to do was verify that it was a commercial kitchen..

besides.. wouldnt you want to recieve soup from a kitchen that has been certified.. checked out.. and has been verified to be clean.. and safe for you?

it's meant to keep you safe..

think about it..

some things.. are set out to protect you..
why would you bitch about that???

Anonymous said...

Marie is their GOD! How does she do it.The stronghold she has over these people is just insane. Not a one of them can think for themselves, their "church" is not growing...Hello, get a clue people. This must not be the answer. If they are so "Godly" then why attack the County Health Department. Just let them in and maybe their Spirit would have been more understanding. I too have been in the store, it is beautiful. However it is their very own "Fortress" and you better not mess with them. They are not led by God but deceived by the Devil himself through Marie. "The Devil himself will appear as an angel of light". They all have surrendered ALL personal belongings and are made to discontinue any relations with "outside" friends or family. Red Flag People! Marie has her own grown children working for Piecemakers and they live in their "OWN" homes and have families, yet everyone else is too stupid to see this!! The men are required to have vasectomies as a sacrifice to God. They claim to be "dying out to their own flesh and unless they are suffering everyday as Jesus did on the cross, they will stand no chance of finding the Kingdom". They complain their birth families have written them off and do not communicate yet they can only communicate with outsiders if Marie says so!! They bitch about laws, Hitler and claim that America has had it too easy. We need to be judged as other countries have been. We need to suffer more bombings, and live life in fear. Funny how Marie has created a bunch of mind controlled puppets that bring in to the business approx $3.3 million dollars a year. Members are given very limited monies - Poor Babies - $50k is a drop in the bucket!! They lie and totally twist the truth. It is a cult! They all would kill you for telling them that. 1. Can"t live with spouse 2. No sex or affection 3. Submitt all personal belongings - wedding rings FIRST!! 4. Do not contact anyone or anything from your past, it must all go away 5. They all see Marie as God and do as she says 6. They don't like the laws but create laws of their own 7. Foul mouthed violent people that curse others who do not follow 8. Believe the Churches are all bullshit and tell you to stay out of them 9. Dislike Churches for passing the "offering" plate yet these ignorant, prideful idiots give 100% of what they earn to Marie and her empier only to receive a small allowance. Open your eyes people and get your facts straight before posting a blog. What looks pretty on the outside isn't always what you get when you take a bite. I pray for my loved on who has been betrayed and mislead. My loved one wants to serve the Lord more than anything and is unfortunately doing the complete opposite. We pray to save his soul everyday...

Anonymous said...

I have been going to piecemakers for over 7 years now and I know they are weird but the only thing I like about going there is it feels peaceful and I really don'tlike the food. Only sometimes. I like a few classes. The other day I was kicked out of the kitchen because I told one of the piecemakers I didn't like the taste of the food. OH my god the next time I came back I was told that I couldn't come in the kitchen anymore. I told them that I didn't like the food when I go to any other restruant the waitress would be polite and say may I get you something else instead and that would be normal. But the piecemakers thought it was disrespectful to critize Marie's cooking and kicked me out of the kitchen. So I told thme that I would never come into there store again. And guess what they are still serving food and hope they get into trouble again. If they want to be so different why don't they leave Costa Mesa and go where they can do their own thing. Maybe they will ge to heavn faster like that group that committed suide and went up in the air when the something passed by . They really bug me because they critiize other peoples belifes.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, they believe the land of the free, who are they kidding, freedom is not just one religion or one way of thinking it is many and they are not a freedom loving people since they only believe one way. I have been there several times. Every time I went before I decided never to return, I used to laugh at them behind there backs because the way they thought and look were cultish. I think it is ridiculous their thinking. And never having sex, excuse me but sex is one of the beautiful things to do. How do you think they were born? Maybe their parents were the type who taught them to hate sex. Wow! Another thing. A person must be pretty insecure to put their faith in one person (Marie) ha ha ha, I always thought I wonder if anyone of these ladies would like to get out of this cult and see what the real world is about and maybe make the real world a better place to live. I liked a few of these ladies before they turned against me. I critized their food one day and they told me I couldn't eat in the kitchen anymore. That did it for me. I could not speak my mind in freedom. I critized their leaders food. Wow! Also, they did cook more then soup. They had a spread for lunch. I guess the health dept. gave up on them. Iam not sure why, but the piecemaker kept on making food and serving it. For a while it would be donation but then they started charging again. I don't like a place that takes money from people and behind their backs they don't like them because they are freedom loving people. One thing I will start doing is going to there craft fairs. I like craft fairs. O, yeah they are losing money they have there top of there building up for lease, they used to have almost all the land that they sit on but now they only have the bottom part of their store. This store is not normal. I did feel very peaceful when I was there and it is too bad that I decided to leave because I did enjoy going in. But the there were pros and cons and the cons were overweighing the cons.