Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Social Irresponsibility

I know at least one of my friends will take me to task for this, but 16 kids! Why would anybody ever do something like this in this day and age? I guess it is no surprise that the mother and family are from Arkansas. This type of behavior is the equivalent of driving a school bus size SUV – it’s massive over consumption. My guess is that if you dig deep enough, you will find a fundie.

I'm not sure if I should categorize them as Nutballs - oh, what the heck, their website points to a creation science link, that is enough by itself. I hereby deem them Nutballs.

oh - and why the heck do the Duggers’ name all their kids with first names that start with a "J" – it must be a Jesus reference, how obvious.


brad said...

So I guess you buy into the overpopulation in America line. Hmm? I actually think people are productive assets and that when you pay farmers billions to let their farms lie fallow to keep prices up, it is hard to say we have an overconsumption problem with respect to food.

When I was a nutball, I used to agree with you. The problem with prices and pollution is not over consumption. It is a political problem. People do not starve to death for a lack of food in the world. People starve due to corruption and war and economies and infrastructure hindered due to centuries without functioning societies for whatever reason. the problem is not have less kids. That is just naive and superficial.

Don't you have an MBA? You should know better.

Mojoey said...

When you were a nutball? Hmmm, I'll have to get back to you on that.

yes - I have an MBA - Productive resources these babies are NOT. Not for a long long time - they are resource consumers, which may have been good for a farm economy...

Norma said...

It's not irresponsible to have 14 children, it is irresponsible to father even one and not marry the mother and support the child. I'm guessing the Duggers will not take one single tax dollar from me other than the usual school, roads, parks etc. They'll probably be supporting my Social Security and Medicare!