Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Street Performer - Acuna, Mexico


Johnny Crow said...

We have a street performer here by my house. On Fort Apache and Sahara. Very Interesting fellow. Maybe I should take some photos.

Mojoey said...

Hell yes take some photos! It's nice to get a little local flavor.

hey - do they still have that star wars storm troups head stencil out by the Las Vegas sign? I wanted to shot it the last time I was there but did not have my camera.

Johnny Crow said...

Not sure, I don't go by there that often, A lot of stencils get left depending on the area. I will check next time Im out there.. That reminds me of the artwork sponsered by the city. They had artists paint different things like Power boxes and such, to "liven" up the area... looks pretty good.