Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nutball Alert: Christian Clothing (part II)

I found it! It only took a few minutes of hunting to find the ever-so-(not)-fashionable clothing I witnessed on a few women while visiting Yosemite a few days ago. My earlier attempts had pointed me to Andover Baptist, which was not exactly on target. The website is called Plainlydressed, the clothing depicted harkens back to Little House on the Prairie, and look, well… stupid.

The dresses are big and effectively hide the seductive bits, so you can be sure that no men (or women) are lusting after your wife or daughter. Of course, most men will look at your wife and daughters and say WTF?

I don’t see the difference between this type of dress and the Muslim Berka. The dresses serve the same purpose too. They stop women from tempting men, who apparently are not able to control themselves when faced with a bare midriff, or cleavage. So, women are responsible for the behavior or men, therefore they should be covered head to toe in cloth. And,… the nutball religious sects promoting this mode of dress don’t see that their actions are just legalism masquerading as religion.

We used to have a home school family living across the street from us. Generally, there are two kinds of home school’s, religious or secular. In our case, they were a “:Bikers for Christ” family. Mom and Dad wore leathers, son and daughter wore bizarre “modest clothing” at times, then these same kids could be seen half-naked and running wild when mom and dad were on the road. Dumb as a box of rock too. They only learned from the bible. (gentle reader – I like home schooling so don’t send the hate mail please!)

Ahem… I’m on my soapbox again, and all I really wanted to do was point out how stupid these dresses look. Sorry…


Norma said...

I suppose this was meant to be funny, but frankly it is very hard to find modest clothing. If that makes one a nutball, count me in. I would love a dress with a waist, sleeves, darts, slightly flaired, mid-calf. If I want such a dress, I need to reuse a 1950s pattern. Or I can google "modest clothing patterns ladies" and find some dear folks willing to make them.

For silly, just look at anything women are wearing today.

passthebread said...

Right on Norma. I have four daughters and there simply are no options for clothing for girls. Basically, you have to dress your girls like boys to look even normal. Lands about it for normal clothes. It is not the same for boys. It is the berka backwards. The basic deal is "young women must dress as if they are always available for a little quickie" - Rule 151 of American Culture 101. Men you may dress as you please. Women if you dress modestly you will be ridiculed as prude or fundamentalist or dare I say modest. Mojoey, you are out of touch with the healthy side of American culture on this one.

Johnny Crow said...

I don't really aggree with those statments. I think you can buy modest looking clothing for women such as norma wanted and not have them look like the clothing Mojoey mentions. Those 1950 style are much to risque, compared to these burlap sack they think are medost. I have seen what he is talking about, and he is right, it is just another form of the burka. The idea that women should control how men lust after them is absurd.

There are a lot of options out there for both men and women, you just have to be parent enough to know what is out there, and know how to discipline your children properly.

You are right on the homeschooling too, though I do believe there are those out there who do a good enough job of it, when I have kids I want them in a homeschool/tutor style class or to be schooled outside this country where indipendent thought and critical thinking are actually seen as intelligent, rather than against god or some nutball propaganda like that.

I don't think girl should dress 10 years older than they are, but I also don't think we should hinder free expression. It should be good parenting with logic and reason. In what sense of Healthy American (or otherwise) has he missed by wanting this?

Johnny Crow said...

Hey Mojoey check out this article about Rev. Robertson, I know it has nothing to do with this topic but I thought you might like it

Mojoey said...

Johnny – I could not agree more. There are plenty of alternatives to wearing popular teen aged navel showing fashions. No one, or no religious sect, need revert to the Christian blue bags of two centuries ago. Before long it would be, women cannot wear jeans because they look like men, or no makeup because they look like traps. It is all subjective – and smells like men simply projecting their inadequacies onto the women who they think that they control.

Kathleen Connally said...


I wonder if you're at all familiar with the Amish and Mennonite culture and custom in many parts of the USA (namely Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and surrounding counties) where this type of clothing (very plain, no buttons, etc.) is the norm for both men and women, not because it's a "fad" but because they've been wearing the same traditional clothes since 1680 or so?

The Amish and Mennonite believe in being as "plain" as possible to avoid vanity - it has nothing to do with being sexually unavailable.

There may be new groups of Christians who are adopting this look, I don't know. But its origins are sincere and full of character -- imagine the pressure of being Amish or Mennonite, and standing up to your beliefs and values in this day and age.

They are a strong and fascinating people, the Amish in particular, using no electricity or gasoline for their hard work of farming, furniture building, etc. In fact, they're so creative and inventive, their tools are being bought by third world countries who don't have electricity or gasoline, either.

Anyway, I'd recommend reading about them - I'm sure there are gazillions of links on Google. Have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

There are modest clothes available, just not always so fashionable. I agree people don't need to go to extremes just for modesty, but if they want to wear it, so what? At least it isn't offensive, right?

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Anonymous said...

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The Amish and Mennonite believe in being as "plain" as possible to avoid vanity - it has nothing to do with being sexually unavailable.