Monday, August 29, 2005

Nutball Alert: 9/11 conspiracy rants

David Ray Griffin published "The New Pearl Harbor" claiming the US Government was behind the Would Trade Center Terrorist attack. I have only one thing to say. NUTBALL!

So… Griffin was a professor at Claremont School of Theology teaching Process Theology – which is kind of a nutball anti-Christian philosophy to begin with. Process theology espouses that God is not omnipotent, self-determination characterizes everything, God changes, and Jesus was not the SOG. Basically, the whole mess should not be confused with Christianity (as my friend Pastor Brad tells me).

Griffin eventually retires and starts looking into lunatic fringe conspiracy theories regarding the event of 9/11.   He claims his training in logic allows him to analyze each claim and identify the “truth”. One of the claims he investigates is that the Twin Towers were a controlled detonation masterminded by the U.S. Government. And…. That’s where my brain shuts down and I cry NUTBALL. I remember 9/11 quite clearly. I watch the second plane crash into the towers. I watched the WTC burn and saw the bodies my fellow American’s fall from the tops of the WTC. Then, almost in slow motion, I watched the building collapse upon itself from the top down. No conspiracy, just plain old cold blooded murder perpetrated by Muslim Terrorists.

David Ray Griffn has wasted his life – don’t waste yours by reading it. His book is trash and so are his ideas.


passthebread said...

It isn't my job to wonder these things BUT...Process theology was considered a totally new take on things about God in the 80's and now one of these men writes a totally new take on history...what I wonder is what makes a person think that reality is not as everybody else sees it but as it exists in my speculative mind.

Thinking one has the secret that no one else sees but "me" is maybe a little bit of pride. Scary, me think.

Johnny Crow said...

I will admit for a short while there I had an inclination that the government was behind 9/11 at least in part. I am a skeptic, and as such I should have seen past the conspiricy... I can't believe how sad some people are to go that far out from reality