Monday, July 04, 2005

Texas State Troopers

I was driving from Del Rio to San Antonio early in the morning on Friday when I had an odd encounter with a Texas State Trooper. I am writing this now because I have been hit by another bout of insomnia and know I will not be sleeping again until about 4:00 a.m.

I got sick in Acuna, a Mexican border town across the international border from Del Rio Texas. Montezuma’s revenge or Travelers Distress hit me hard right as I tried to get some rest on Wednesday night. I received treatment at a local clinic and felt good enough to try to make my way home on Friday. It was a mistake. About an hour out of Del Rio I became sick again and had to stop near some bushes to take care of business (if you know what I mean). I was in place about 15 minutes, afraid to move and contemplating making a run back to Del Rio to ride this episode out in a motel when a Texas State Trooper pulled off the road and walked over to where I was sitting. I was having bad cramps at the time, but not in the act of expelling anything.

I told the Trooper my story. He did not believe me. In fact, he thought I was drunk. I asked how he figured that out from our brief interaction. He said, “Whenever I pull up behind somebody sitting in the bushes, they are usually drunk”. I asked if this occurred during the night more often than at 6:30 a.m. He said it usually occurred at night. I looked at him expectantly… (It is not night after all) only to be asked to take the drunk driving coordination test.

At this point, I complain – I’m obviously sick, he’s already checked my rental car and found no trace of alcohol, and I can barely stand up. He tells me if I pass the test, he is still going to get me public urination. I calmly explain that the word “public” means in the presence of other people. There are no other people out here off the highway so I cannot be “in public”. Again, I get the glazed eye – I am expecting the baton any moment now. He counters with “well you are still urinating” I say “what are you talking about” I was sitting down when you rolled up. Is sitting against the law? I added, “Oh, and by the way, it would be public defecation not public urination, do you have a law against that?” He actually says “defa-what”. All this takes place while I pass the drunken driving test.

By now, I’m sure he is thinking about putting a bullet in my head, nobody would ever find me. The vultures would pick me clean in a few minutes. My Texas State Trooper hated me; I could see it in his eyes. I pleaded with him, “look dude (the dude part was a mistake), I’m sick and just need to get someplace where I can get some help”. He relented on the drunken driving accusation and told me the next town was a ways up the road. He would follow me to make sure I did not get into any trouble.

He followed for about three miles, then turned around and went the other way.

The story continues as I try to fly home on Southwest Airlines. It was not a good day.


Anonymous said...

Your a retard!
It's dumbass people like you that piss me off, could you be any stupider?
Police are just doing there job, and a Trooper stops to help you and you give him grief, you are defenately and ass!

Mojoey said...

Anonymous - I think your post is supposed to read, “you’re a retard” (you’re means you are)
"Stupider" is not a word, although in your trailer park I am sure it finds a great deal of use.
Your post should also read - dumbass people like you WHO piss…
"Police are just doing THEIR job"
Defenately s/b definately
You post should also read “definitely an ass”

I have not heard the term “retard” since grade school. Even then, this derogatory and degrading term was only used by miscreants and those with inferior intelligence.

The police are not to be trusted just because they are the police. This State Trooper was not doing his job. The correct response to my situation would have been to render aid. I would expect this behavior from any person, not only police officers. When one fails to act like a decent person, one forfeits his or her right to expect decent behavior in return.

You are right about one thing – I am an ass, an ass with an exceptionally low tolerance for stupidity. Any you dear anonymous poster have demonstrated your stupidity for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Actually you are just one of many that do not understand and/or respect the job of a trooper. DPS policy is specific in addressing cars on the side of the road. Then a trooper finds you squatting, in the bushes. It is against the law to bare your privates in public and it does not matter if anybody else was there or not. That said, if he treated you that badly, you should have filed a complaint with the department and they will investigate it fully. If it truly happened as you said, there is video and audio of the "contact" that will either back up his or your story. Your characterization of him wanting to put a bullet in your head is a gross exaggeration of what law enforcement officers do,shows your ignorance of the use of force continuum, and again, shows your bias. This is your blog, so go ahead, correct my spelling, punctuation, and have the last word. You know you were wrong in your approach and if the truth were told, I bet you were the antagonizer towards the trooper. I won't call you a retard, but loser fits pretty well.

robbie said...


I loved your response to anonymous. The content of his written response spoke volumes regarding his low moral character.

The situation you found yourself in could have proved deadly (dehydration) and the State Trooper should have called for an ambulance immediately. I hope you are well now.


Anonymous said...

The psuedo intellectual vocabulary correcting my penis is bigger than yours attitude certainly shows what a knuckle head you are. I'm sure the original reply to your blog was written by a person that didn't realize that he was writing a graduate degree required post. Give me a break. Oh and about you and your trooper encounter...troopers and all other law enforcement agencies are trained to be suspicious of everything. Especially if they're alone! You must also understand that these guys deal with idiots all day long. Sure, after you passed the SFST he should've offered you water...but cry me a river. You shouldn't have gotten hammered the night before in Mexico. I have a strong and overwhelming feeling that you were nowhere near the badass that you portrayed yourself to be towards the trooper, and for certain that the trooper was doing everything that he was trained to do. As stated before my post, if you believe that you were wronged, the TXDPS has a very prompt way of dealing with complaints. His video monitoring system will be checked to ensure that you are the pansy that you no doubt are. Get over yourself.

Mojoey said...

Anonymous - sorry man, I am all the bad ass I say I am. I'm 6'2" and built like a fat NFL lineman. I scare most normal sized men just by standing too close to them. This Trooper prick was all of 5'5" and had a bad attitude. He acted like several other Texas law enforcement "professionals" I've met. That is to say, he was an asshole.

And, no drinking the night away in Acuna for me. Just business and a few social meals, one of which was tainted. I was sick (and would be for several days).

I mouthed off. I always mouth off. But, he should have called for help or at least offered some help once he figured out I was not under the influence.

Oh, and I did complain. I am happy with how it was resolved.

Anonymous said...

if your so big and the trooper was so small why didn't you handle the situation yourself w/o coming on the internet and being a little bitch. Because that's exactly what you are, a little bitch. I deal with people like you several times a night in my line of work and yes, the baton does come to mind occasionally but only for a second. That's because I AM a professional. If that trooper had been so unprofessional as you protrayed him, he would have put a bullet in your head and left you for the buzzards because that's one thing you got right, they would have devoured within the next 24hrs; they don't operate at night. So much for your college education? And as for you being built like a "fat NFL linemen," that must have been one hell of a funny sight seing you folded over on the side of the road. The trooper was probably laughing his head off back in his cruiser. Lastly, smart one, naming your page "Texas State Troopers," is going to attract lots of LEOs (law enforcement officers) to your dumbass post looking for information on that fine agency.

Mojoey said...

um.... this is a blog. Texas State Troopers is the title of a post. One of several thousand I have made over the years.

Like I said - I am happy with how the case was resolved. Do I need to spell out that the idiot state trooper was disciplined? Who is laughing now!