Sunday, July 03, 2005

Nutball Altert: Tom Cruise and Scientology

I have a rule; I only listen to celebrities when they talk about their own acting experience. I do not listen to celebrities when they say I should vote for a particular candidate or when they support a cause. In general, I put them in the same broad category as friends and co-workers. My friends and co-workers might know a great deal about engineering, but they do not understand medicine, or politics, or anything else complex at a level that would be called credible. They all have opinions – but then so do I.

Why should I listen to a celebrity like Tom Cruise spout on about psychiatry? Does he have a degree supporting his research? Has he published anything notable on the subject? Does he know anything beyond the pseudo-religious teachings of Hubbard and Scientology? No. No. No, he does not. He is an uneducated actor and nothing more. He in fact knows very little of real value about the subject, and even less about the case history of Brooke Shields. His secret knowledge base comes from Scientology. Everything he knows about psychiatry comes from pseudo-religious teachings. Cruise makes statements about a science he does not understand and expects the world to listen because he’s Tom Cruise. What a bore.

Therefore, even though I loved War of the Words and Tom Cruise is a damn good actor, he is a nutball. His pseudo-religious cult is the worst type of nutball religion. It’s up their with Wicca – It’s made up, a complete fabrication of a science fiction writer. How can people be so stupid? I can go on for weeks about Scientology, but I will not. Let us leave it at Scientology is a cult; it is dangerous and should be confronted at every opportunity. Scientology truly qualifies as nutball material.

*** update ***

It gets worse – apparently, Cruise is indoctrinating Dakota Fanny into Scientology. What is he thinking?

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