Thursday, July 14, 2005


What little time I have has been devoted to working on the eulogy for my Grandmother. I’ve had little time for posting to my blog. The pressure of the last few days of Grad School, a heavy workload, and family commitments has left me with little time for my favorite hobby. I’m sure it will pick back up once the pressure lets up.

I’m not putting too many of my own recollections into the Eulogy – it seems more appropriate to give others a voice. I’ll put a few thoughts here through. An interesting aspect of my Grandmothers life that will always be a part of me has to do with food. My grandmother ate weird food and she passed this trait on to me. She feed me turnip sandwiches – I eat the raw now and love them. She feed by sugar and butter sandwiches (apparently, she feed these to my uncle too), I don’t eat these anymore, my body can’t take it. Then there was the liverwurst, bread and butter pickles, olives, figs, dates, nuts of all varieties, sardines, crackers,pumpernickel bread, and my personal favorite, apple butter.

It seems like she always had pot roast cooking, or pot roast leftovers, or pot roast snacks, or pot roast…. It was a smell that permeated her house and always brought a smile to my face. Then there were the pork chops… Oh, and do not forget the mashed potatoes and bread with butter. When I grew older, I went to Grandma’s to eat. I don’t think the cooking gene was passed to my mother.


Pearl said...

I'm sorry to hear about your losing your gramma. Lost mine a year ago.

mommybear3 said...

Hi Joe,
If you ever have the need for grandmas cooking i have mastered a few items. fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravey from scratch. if you really want something from the past try the raddish and butter sandwich. Iam pretty sure she used the same breading for the pork chops so i will try it out and then make you some. you did a great job on the eulogy. i cannot thank you enough.