Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Killing time in Acuna Mexico

I went from a business simulation in Irvine to an ERP Project in Acuna Mexico in the space of 24 hours. I went from cool and comfortable, to hot and sweaty. It was at least 101 with 95% humidity yesterday, and hotter today. My first night at the hotel in Del Rio was scary – I was visited by a brown tarantula with a body the size of my thumb. I woke to find it crawling in my chest hair. I screamed like a little girl, and then proceeded to smash it into a brown pulp. The hotel staff assured me my room was spider free when I returned from dinner. However I was not really able to sleep for some reason. Hmmm, I might be afraid of spiders; especially big hairy brown ones!


I ate at my first (and last) Sonic Burger on the road from San Antonio to Del Rio. The food was not very good at all.

I ate at my first (and last) Applebee’s. All I can say is, at least they have beer.

San Antonio is plastered with Go Spurs Go. What the hell is a Spur?

The road from San Antonio to Del Rio is a three hour speed trap – each town has its own shake down section. They will even pull you over if you are 3 miles over the posted limit. It is really a joke.

The inbound customs checkpoint in Mexico is unmanned. You just drive right through. It was most bizarre. Nobody cared that a car full of people just drove across the border and into Acuna. I am told that going back will be different. US Customs has been stopping people for up to an hour.

I had lunch at Johnny's Steakhouse in Acuna today. By American standards, it would not pass muster, but I loved the place. I had a nice t-bone and salad, with Diet Coke. My co-workers had similar meals. 6 of use ate for under $50 bucks. A funny moment occurred when our waitress tried to convince us that the ice in our glasses was “safe”. The meal ended 5 untouched glasses of ice. Alberto took a chance on lemonade, but he’s originally form Mexico so I think he’s immune.

More to follow with pictures tonight.


Anonymous said...

Joe....a spur is that little metal thing that cowboys have on their boots! You know...the ones they dig into their horse's belly when they want to go fast.

- Mike

Anonymous said...

You are both is the Baketball team in know national champions!!