Friday, June 24, 2005

It's gut check time

My business simulation starts in five minutes. It is a big part of my grade in Strategy, the capstone course for my MBA at Pepperdine. I am totally stressed; so is my team. We are in last place, our prospects suck, and we know that one team has already benefited from a little professor TLC.
Current stock price = .98
Current market share = 15%

More to follow:

***** Update at 8:00 ****
After 3 quarters
stock price $1.07 (second lowest)
Current market share = 15.2%
drop of 500K in cash reserves
Things are not looking good so far

***** Update at 11:00 ****

after 6 quarters
Stock price at $1.10 (tied for last)
up about 3000k in cash reserves
We are not in last place! and it does not look like the current last place team will not ever recover. Things are looking up.

We pick things up again at 8:00 a.m.


brad said...

God bless..I will have my kis pray for you (and me too)

Hey ..I tagged you for a book meme thang

brad said...

kids not kis