Friday, June 17, 2005

Groups Unite Against Military Recruiters

This article seems dumb to me, the article Groups unite against military recruiters is highly deceptive. The premise behind the arguments of those interviewed in the article is that recruiters are targeting kids who are not likely to go to college after graduation from High School. Those interviewed promote the idea that recruiting for the military is part is some kind reprehensible, racial motivated conspiracy to ensnare the less fortunate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who are not going on to college after graduation need a leg up or else they will enter a long cycle of working for Burger King until they realize it takes more than a High school diploma to make it in life. The Armed Services offer that leg up to hundreds of thousands of young men and women each year (just like they did to me many years ago). The real story here is that Representative McDermott (D) is actively against the war in Iraq and will do anything, including sabotaging recruitment efforts, to achieve his objective. Wake up America. People like McDermott play for the other team. Of course, the news media could try to provide some balance in their reporting on issues like this, but they are against the war too.


beautifulatrocities said...

These are the same people who oppose allowing the military on college campuses, a contradiction

Anonymous said...

At what point is it ok to go to another part of the world with guns and be willing to shoot people who don't listen to you? At what point do you personally feel ok killing other beings? The real war is a war of humanity against fear. Fear is the real enemy. War takes two army's. Real freedom is inside you and is not fought for, but surrendered to. Real warriors would die for their inner freedom and never resort to harming others at the expense of everything. An army who is willing to kill is nothing more than a group of barbaric cowards who are ignorantly fueling aggression and fear.