Friday, June 03, 2005

Crack Attack

I had another adventure today in beautiful downtown Carson. I normally take my camera with me everywhere I go. Today was no exception. I was using a 300mm, which I use mainly for hunting signage and bumper stickers, so I was snapping pic’s whenever I saw something interesting. While I was sitting in line at the drive-up window of Carl’s Jr., I noticed this lady standing across the street at a bus stop. She looked like a tweaker. Her movements were jerky; she was swaying back and forth, and she looked to be starting at the sun. I picked up my camera and shot about 10 frames. On the tenth frame, I noticed that she made eye contact…

I did not expect her response; she yelled and then ran across four lanes of traffic towards my truck. As she drew closer, I could hear she was yelling - “you owed me”. I rolled my window up as she came close. She banged on my window while demanding $20 because I had taken her picture. She seemed lucid, but pissed off. I got my food and drove off without paying. I normally talk to my subjects. Sometimes I buy lunch, sometimes I just talk. This time I drove off. Her behavior was scary

When I looked at my shots, I realized she had a CD player in her hands and was listening to music. Her tweaking may have been dancing (bad dancing), but then again, her behavior was not exactly normal, so maybe…

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Brooks said...

Whoh! Scary. I hope she doesn't scan the photoblog ring at night for amusement. :-)

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