Friday, May 06, 2005

Weird night in Buena Park

Last night in Buena Park was one of the most werid I can recall. It started with a O.C. fireworks bust a few blocks away. The sirens and news helocopters were opprisive as the evening turned to night. I hope this does not kill our next 4th of July.

Later in the evening, all the major network news hellicopters were hovering over my house. It seems that a poor unfortunate woman was in a crosswalk at the corner of Orangethrope and Valley View. The news helicopters left promplty at 11:04 after their "breaking news" segments aired.

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m. only to be awaken by a thunderstorm. We don't get thunderstorms here in Buena Park. Once or twice a year we see lightning or hear disant thunder, but last night it was on top of our house. I could actually feel the static electricity in the air as the lightning hit around us. The thunder was defening. The storm lasted 40 minutes and dumped at least a half inch of rain on us.

I appologies for the news links - most are subscription based.

Update: ----

On the other hand, Friday morning was stunning!

A rainbow on Orangethorpe near Valley View - A woman died here last night.

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sMhyla said...

Cool pix, but not cool news. :(