Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Theme Thursday - Handball

This picture is a game of fourth-grade-and-up handball at Pat Nixon Elementary School taken during the yearly open house on Wednesday night. It took me 10 minutes and a bunch of questions to get the rules right – this kids take the game very seriously.

Theme Thursday
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sMhyla said...

question: do you get permission for the pictures with kids from the school or parents? (you do mention the school...) just curious. i know my roomie, who is an elementary teacher, must get signed notes. even though i promised anonymity, my friend did not want me to post pix of her cute baby on my blog (which made me sad of course). just curious.

Mojoey said...

Permission is only required if you are publishing for profit. I normally don't even ask, I just shoot. Then copyright my work. Sometimes I had out a mojoey business card that point people to the webpage so they can see themselves, but I dont' do it often.

I get model releases if I indend commercial publication.