Saturday, May 21, 2005

Review: hubs and spokes

I have started a new mini-project to eat away at what little free time I have left in my life. I am going to read and review as many blogs as I can from Homespun Bloggers. I am starting with hubs and spokes who happens to top the list currently on my blogroll.

Worldview: Conservative
Politics: Republican - A Bush supporter
Religion: Don’t know – Catholic maybe
Region: Detroit area
Music: A big U2 fan
Popular Culture: Not a Star Wars episode III fan
Photo Blogger: Yes, but it is not emphasised

I found hubs and spokes to be an interesting read. The author, Marc, blends news snippets, quotes, and pop culture into an interesting series of well-written posts. I enjoyed my 10-minute visit. Marc takes an interesting stand on allowing high school girls to compete in coed wrestling programs, apparently he thinks all high school boys are horny and could not possible wrestle with a girl with purely athletic intent. Marc also takes an anti-Star Wars position that I cannot support (I saw the movie last night and loved it!).

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passthebread said...

Very cool little project.