Sunday, May 01, 2005

Nutball Altert: Firpo Carr gets his own radio show

According to Carr's webiste...

Starting Sunday, May 1, 2005, and every Sunday thereafter, one or more of the following weekly installments will be heard on "The Dr. Firpo Carr Show." Included in these installments are: "America in Black and White," "Michael Jackson and the Media--An Insider's Perspective" (until end of trial), "The Theology Behind Scientific Thought," "Religion in the News," "At Issue in L.A.," and “What Really Happened in History.”

I missed the debut, but I'm going to start recording his shows. It should be a hoot. His unique blend of paranoia, misinformation, and factual distortions should be quite entertaining. I am especially interested in his Michael Jackson insight and his attempts at revising history to fit his world view.


Anonymous said...

He is a nutball. I knew him as a flaky, undependable, and dishonest co-worker for several years. The rest of us had to pull his weight. Firpo is nothing but a phoney.

Anonymous said...

I think the category of "nutballs" should also include self-appointed experts in identifying nutballs. Just because someone lacks clarity in his or her opinion or does not stand on platforms that you agree with, does not make them a nutball. A nutball in my opinion is a bigot, a racist, predjudiced, single-minded, and self-centered to the point of exlcuding and alienating people from a world in which we all share. In a "nutshell" that's a "nutball".

Mojoey said...

Firpo (I assume, or a Fripo fan, if there is such a thing) – it is so nice of you to drop by and pollute my bog with your screed. Next time leave your name, anonymous posting is for cowards.

Oh, and Fripo, since I am not a bigot, or a racists, or prejudiced in any way (except against stupid people), or single-minded, or self-centered (oh wait, maybe I am self-centered, but Firpo Carr you know all about self centered right!), and since you don’t really know who I am, I think that your latest round of name-calling is completely in character and befitting your nutball status. What better way to remove the focus from yourself than by attacking the character of another. That is your MO right?

Your radio show kills me. It’s so bad it’s good. Oh, and good luck on your second “degree mill” PhD. I don’t know why you don’t go to real university, it would help your credibility so much.

Anonymous said...

Firpo Carr is one of America's most dangerous men.

He is a deluded fantasist with ideas much above his station. Some of the claims that he makes about himself make me want to cry with laughter.

He lies through his teeth about just about everything. The only thing about him I believe is his first name, Firpo. Let's face it not even Firpo would lie about that.

He is a wannabe Al Sharpton/ Jesse Jackson character. why anyone would want to be one of these people is beyond me.

He pretends to be fighting for the needs of the "black" community. In all honesty it is about what Firpo wants.

His faily life is a joke. His lesbian daughter Danielle has nothing to do with him. He has been divorced 5 times and has been put in jail on several occasions for domestic violence.

This individual has no friends - the only friend he does hve is his mother who he calls twice a day. Pretty sad for a 54 year old man.

Firpo alienates everyone who comes into contact with him because of formidable (frightening) character. He has been disfellowshipped from the league of Jehovah's witnesses more times than I care to count. More notably, he was disfellowshipped in December 2008 - this time for good.

Firpo's abormal and immoral lifestyle choices (sexual violence with a minor) were cited as reasons for him being disfellowshipped.

There is a rumour being perpetuated by former friends of Firpo Carr's daughter Danielle Carr that Firpo molested her when she was a child. This has not been confirmed or denied. To be honest anything is possible with Firpo Carr

I hate Flipo said...

That Firpo Carr guy is a nutjob, a racist fool with too much spare time.