Sunday, May 08, 2005

Nutball Alert: Intelligent Design Network

The news is full of the embarrassing case of the Kansas Science Standards debate over the pseudoscience of Intelligent Design and the scientific fact of Evolution. The Nutballs at Intelligent Design Network seem to feel it is their mission to fill our children's heads full of religious theology while on the public dole. It saddens me to think we could take such a large step backwards. This travesty of logic and reason can only happen when voters elect public officials whose common sense is buried in a bible. Do these public figures think they are doing us a service by teaching our children anti-science? Will our children better able to compete?

I do not see much difference between teaching Intelligent Design and sending my children to Sunday school. It is reprehensible to teach this religious concept in public schools. It should be taught in church, and in the case of my children, it should not be taught to them at all. The future of our nation depends on the quality of the minds we produce from our public school systems. Will you knowinly hire a scientist educated in Kansas? Will anyone?

We are talking the basics of science here. There is no debate. Evolution is scientific fact. Intelligent design is religious theory masquerading as science. Jack Krebs, a lawyer defending science in Kansas said, "They have created a straw man. They are trying to make science stand for atheism so they can fight atheism." ... It's all about the religion baby.

New Nutball Inductees from the Intelligent Design Network are:
  • John H. Calvert
  • William S. Harris
  • Joseph D. Renick
  • David Clounch


Gunner said...

I actually have no problem with ID being taught in public schools. However, any such teaching should fall under the domain of elective philosophy courses. ID is nothing more than the old argument from design, wrapped in a cloak of attacks upon evolution. No scientific support of its own and no falsifiability does not a science make.

jeff said...

I'm rather agnostic, but the idea of a God who places million year old fossils on a 6 thousand year old Earth to fuck with our minds is so ... human

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how brazen Intelligent Design Network is behaving in its assault on rational thought in the State of Kansas. Why is the media not placing this story on the front page and as the lead story? About 15 years ago a friend from Iran advised me that he saw events occuring in the United States which were eerily similar to the changes he witnessed in Iran before its revolution leading to a theocracy. I did not give his statements much weight then. Now, I think he may have been right.