Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Last Trimester

I started my last trimester of graduate school on Monday. I have Macro Economics on Monday and Strategy on Tuesday. Both professors like to talk, oops… I mean lecture. I did not get home until after 10:30 either night. With a little follow up work at home – I was in bed by midnight.

I’m a little scared this trimester, the workload for one class, strategy, is larger than the last four classes I’ve had combined. Plus, this professor is very much into the “Back in my day, I walked ten miles to school through snow storms” kind of justification for the heavy workload, so resistance is futile.

It looks like I will be tied up with a bunch of papers this time around; by my count, well over 20. Hell, I have four due by next Tuesday. I wrote my first paper tonight, an analysis of catalytic mechanisms supporting key business strategies. It was based on a article by Jim Collins – or was that Tom Collins? Hmm.

I do not know how actively I will be posting over the next few weeks; most of my writing effort will be going to school. I’ll post a few pictures though – I always have my camera.

I have decided one thing about the future already – it will be a cold day in hell before I ever work as an economist.


sMhyla said...

I'm already behind in school after week 1. Crazy. I cannot wait until I'm done. 14 weeks and counting...

Mojoey said...

I hear you - my strat teacher assigned about 20 friggin papers. 4 are due tuesday.