Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tough Guys Wear Pink

I am proud to say I do not own anything in pink, although I am pretty sure my buddy Richard does. No hold the presses I am sure, I’ve seen him in pink, I have a picture!

I collect bumper stickers - Love them yes I do! they tell us so much about society, and sometimes they tell us too much. I don't really care, I make a picture anyway.

Sometimes I don't know what the bumper stickers mean - so I ask. This time I'm pretty sure I get it.


Johnny Crow said...

Ok, so whats wrong with guys wearing pink. I mean not on an everyday occasion, but come on. Mix it up a little. I mean Vageta in DBZ wore pink, why can't I?

It seems weird cause I have this same conversation about 7 times now with different people over whether guys should/could/would wear pink... go figure.

sMhyla said...

Dude, my boss wears pink. I want to tease him, you don't want to mess with this guy. Maybe it's a "manly pink" shirt.

Mojoey said...

There ain't no manly pink - pink is pink and it belongs of girls or girlie men. now purple - purple works for every man!

KK said...

Hell yeah, that's why I'm always pink team on Halo 2.

sMhyla said...

No way, I would pick pink before purple. I hate purple and I don't even like pink that much either.

Anonymous said...

i was recently searching the "tough guys wear pink" quotation on google when i stumbled upon this blog.

i am currently conducting research on the colour pink and what it represents.

through careful studies and many questionnaires i have found that most people find purple to represent "gay pride" and pink to represent "femininity".

i am not saying this is definite, nor am i saying you are gay or feminine if you wear pink/purple but our current society is in the thinkings that the more comfortable a man is in his sexuality and his stature the "adventursome and risky" he can be in his choice of clothing. Wearing pink is taking a risk.

ANY MAN can wear pink or purple just like any girl can wear black or blue (which are the classic "manly" colours)

Mojoey said...

Tal - I am color blind. Pink, red, orange, it's all rock and roll to me.

Tough Guys Wear Pink on the other hand is a gay pride sticker. The men who posted in on this car were two bears (big hairy gay men) who like to play disc golf.

Political correctness is now way to live a life Tal. Pink is a color used by gay men to self identify as gays.